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Matching Gifts

The University of Arkansas Matching Gift Program ensures that accurate employment information is collected and maintained on all constituents and that corporate matching gift programs are utilized to the fullest potential possible to garner increased philanthropic support for the University of Arkansas.

Endowment Levels and Naming Guidelines

Chancellor's Endowed Chair
Endows the office of the Chancellor.

Provost's Endowed Chair
Endows the office of the Provost.

Dean's Endowed Chair
Provides a dean with support for college and unit programs to further their scholarly contributions to education, research and public service.

Department Leadership Endowed Chair
Reserved for support to current Department Chair, appointees; supports scholarly and administrative activity; appointment approved by respective Dean and Provost.

Income from an endowed chair can supplement the holder's salary and provide funds for graduate assistants' salaries, secretarial assistance, course development, essential equipment, scholarly research and travel.
University or Distinguished Professor - $2,000,000
Full Professor - $1,500,000
Associate or Assistant Professor - $1,000,000

Faculty Fellowship
Supports a full professor, associate or assistant professor, librarian or associate librarian. Funding may be used for graduate assistant stipends or other teaching related purposes.

Teaching Fellowship
Supports teaching related purposes

Distinguished Doctoral Fellowship
Allows the university to attract the most capable, creative and innovative doctoral degree candidates.

Doctoral Fellowship
Allows the university to attract the most capable, creative and innovative doctoral degree candidates.

Graduate Fellowship
Allows the university to attract the most capable, creative and innovative advanced degree candidates.

Honors Fellowship
Offered to top students and may be applied toward tuition, room and board and fees. May also be used to support other expenses, such as study abroad, undergraduate research projects and travel to conferences.

Chancellor's Scholarship
Designed to recruit the most talented high school students in the nation to the university, thereby increasing the quality of the student body.

Honors Academy Scholarship
Awarded to top candidates from the scholarship applicant pool.

A named scholarship made to a student in recognition of academic distinction or demonstrated need.
Designated to a college, school or unit - $50,000
Not designated to a college, school or unit - $25,000

A named award is used for the recognition of outstanding performance within an academic or administrative department.

Used to increase staff and support activities critical to programs; to develop and implement interdisciplinary courses, curricula, minors and professional master's degree programs; and to promote greater globalization for teaching, research and outreach.
Amount to be determined and approved by chancellor and executive committee.

Capital Projects

Naming opportunities are currently available throughout the university in connection with ongoing and planned capital projects. Additional opportunities will be identified as projects unfold. These include buildings, class and conference rooms, plazas, suites, entrances, studios and other prominent areas. Naming gifts are instrumental in providing high quality facilities and cutting-edge, technology-rich spaces that enhance teaching, learning and research.
50% of the cost of the funding needed for new construction or major renovation over a five-year pledge term.


Research activities, graduate and undergraduate course offerings and professional development and continuing education opportunities combine to form the foundation and structure for centers. Each academic partner brings complementary expertise to the organization.

Research Endowments

Increasing the research and economic development activities in each college increases the entire university research and economic development enterprise.

Sport-Specific Named Scholarships -$250,000

Head Coaches Named Endowment (minimum varies by sport) - $3,000,000

Player Position Endowments (football) - $500,000